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"She emanates a soft glow with the grace of a Goddess and oozes the fervour of a woman. She is fearless, assured and mesmerising. While she whispers sweet nothings, she will quietly lead you into temptation." - Lorelei by artist Tanya Marie Reeves 



The name Lorelei is a female name of German origin meaning alluring, temptress. In old German legend, Lorelei was the name of the beautiful Rhine River seductress, or siren.

Symbols and Totems

A garden is also a symbol of life, death, decay, rebirth and renewal, ground in the feminine for it's cyclic nature, fertility beauty, nurture and transformation.

In history, both in art and literature, the garden is portrayed as dimension that is separate from our everyday life, most often represented as a luxuriant place, sometimes surrounded by walls, filled with fountains, fruit trees or domesticated animals, the garden is depicted as a place of peace and spiritual refreshment. A borderland between two worlds. Almost Heaven.

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