"She peeks from behind the curtain searching through the rays of smoke lit by the warm, dim lights hanging low from the ceiling above the mahogany and gold trimmed bar. There is not one empty red velvet topped stool and lamp shadows dance across brandy filled glasses and the polished faces of those seated in anticipation behind crisp white table cloths. The jazz, chatter and laughter of only moments ago had subsided...   The show is about to begin."  - Lottie - By Tanya Marie Reeves




Inspired by the roaring twenties... bootleg liquor, jazz-hands and flapper girls, motivated by one of my favourite styles: Art Deco, which originated in the 1920 with its roots in Paris, France. The trend of this movement was symmetrical, geometric, streamlined, simplistic though bold, and most importantly, pleasing to the eye.


Simple. Striking. Strong... and Stunning! 


Lottie is the traditional shortening of Colette; a popular name in early 19th century France.




8 December 2017

H121xW101cm – 48x40"

Acrylic on stretched canvas 

Original Sold

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