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“So many of us were taught to keep a lid on anything and everything outrageous. To just turn it off. We turn off our life force, turn off our feelings, turn off our sensuality, and as a consequence, we turn off our power.” - Regena Thomashauer, Pussy: A Reclamation


Erica is 1 Vulva in a series of 8 - All titled after the ladies named in the Mambo No. 5 song by Lou Bega, just for funsies.


I have always wanted to create a series of vulvas, something cheeky and vibrant, representing the many different shapes, sizes and colours of our most extraordinary, vulnerable and sensual physical feminine attributes. I want to help normalise, no...  beautify, female anatomy. Among many other things, centuries of female oppression have taught women to be embarrassed of the very part of our bodies which is fundamental to our being. It's about time we embraced oursleves. All of ourselves. Inside and out. 


“A lot of women are ashamed of their pussies. They think it's not pretty enough. Not the right color. Or the lips are too big or two small. Let me put your fears to rest: There is no such thing as an ugly pussy.” - Oliver Markus Malloy

  • Details

    A3 + Frame

    Original artwork
    Acrylic on Arches Watercolour Paper
    Professionally framed behind glass

$750.00 Regular Price
$337.50Sale Price
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